Accompany your drivers with MyCarFleet

The MyCarFleet mobile application is an extension of the GAC Car Fleet software. It allows the manager to stay in touch with his fleet. The drivers have all the information related to their vehicle directly on their smartphone.

Optimize your fleet management with our application

Fleet management

Equipping drivers with MyCarFleet is a real time saver for the manager.

Thanks to its connection with GAC Car Fleet, the latter can quickly and easily carry out various communication campaigns aimed at drivers, from its management tool. Afterwards, the data is collected and automatically integrated into GAC Car Fleet.

Equipped with a messaging system, the MyCarFleet mobile application allows the manager to exchange with the drivers of the vehicles in his fleet. In this way, it allows him to ensure an optimal follow-up and to keep a history.

A manager profile is also available on the mobile application, which allows him to access all the vehicles in his fleet directly from his smartphone.

MyCarFleet, at the service of drivers 

The MyCarFleet mobile application has been designed to accompany drivers on a daily basis. Indeed, its multiple functionalities allow them to access their vehicle’s data in a few clicks.

Quickly and simply, users can transmit key information to their manager from their smartphone. Also, they will benefit from all the useful and necessary information for the maintenance and follow-up of their vehicle.


Discover the features of MyCarFleet

Our mobile application MyCarFleet is equipped with various features to accompany the driver on a daily basis by providing him/her with all the information related to his/her vehicle.

Vehicle sheet

A real identity card, the user can find all the data related to his/her vehicle such as the license plate, the mileage, the type of contract (rental, owner, etc.), the date of return, next maintenance…

Mileage records

The driver can enter his/her last mileage statement directly into the mobile application. The request can come from the manager via a communication campaign that he/she sends from GAC Car Fleet. The data collected will be integrated directly into the fleet management tool.

Fuel card

If the user has a fuel card, he/she can find the information related to it on MyCarFleet (supplier, number, confidential code, etc.). If the User forgets the confidential code, it will appear on the site at his/her request.

Virtual pocket

It allows the driver to access the virtual storage of the important papers of the vehicle such as the car registration document, the green insurance card, the technical inspection reports, etc. These documents are integrated by the manager from the GAC Car Fleet software and then made available to the user in MyCarFleet in the virtual pocket provided for this purpose.


The mobile application allows the driver to carry out any inventory of fixtures, at the time of an accident, reception or return of vehicle. He/she will be guided step by step in taking pictures and will have the possibility to insert comments. At the end of this, a file will be automatically created and sent to the manager on his/her GAC Car Fleet tool.

Vehicle reservation

Are shared vehicles available to employees in your company? In a few clicks, from the MyCarFleet mobile application, they can reserve a vehicle. The request will be transmitted to the manager who will be able to manage the request from GAC Car Fleet.

Gear management

Employees can access information about their vehicle from MyCarFleet. Like the vehicles, it has an identity card. Thus, the employee to whom a vehicle has been assigned can find on the mobile application various information related to the vehicle (make, model, registration, information related to the contract) and can enter the time of use.


To simplify communication with his/her manager, to send or receive information related to the vehicle, a messaging system is integrated in MyCarFleet. Thus, the user can generate conversations and keep the history of the exchanges.

Supplier research

A geolocation system for service providers is available in MyCarFleet. Thus, the driver can search for a professional in the application and obtain their contact information and map of how to get there. The search can be customized within a radius of 5 to 100 km from the driver’s geographical location.

Internal procedures

At any time, the driver can consult, without having to ask his/her manager, the procedures applicable to the company (in case of accidents, flat tire, vehicle return, etc.) as well as the useful numbers. Thus, he will gain time and autonomy.

MyCarFleet, an extension of GAC Car Fleet!

The MyCarFleet mobile application has been developed to complement the GAC Car Fleet management software. Indeed, it reinforces the link between the manager and his/her employees to optimize and simplify the management of the fleet.

  • Centralization of your fleet data in a single tool
  • Efficiency and time saving on a daily basis
  • Optimization of management and costs
  • Guarantee to be up to date on current regulations