Optimise your fleet with our fleet management software

GAC Car Fleet, a fleet management software, supports managers in the daily management of their vehicles. Its numerous functionalities cover general management, vehicle renewal, financial and fiscal aspects.

fleet management

Fleet management, a complex mission

The management of a vehicle fleet is a crucial and strategic mission for a company. It includes a multitude of tasks, requires a variety of skills and, consequently, occupying this position implies a certain versatility.

To support managers in their daily work and allow them to organise their work in order to manage efficiently and optimise the costs of his fleet, equipping them with a dedicated tool is essential!

GAC Car Fleet, the solution to manage your fleet efficiently

GAC Car Fleet is the reference fleet management software on the market. Available in SaaS mode, it allows you to access your fleet from any computer with an Internet connection.

It covers the entire fleet management process, from the integration of the vehicle into the fleet to its return or sale, including financial management.

GAC Car Fleet has been designed to meet the expectations of all fleet sizes, whether that is 30 vehicles (private individuals, commercial vehicles, or even heavy goods vehicles), 30,000 or even more!


Discover the features of our fleet management software

GAC Car Fleet is equipped with a multitude of features to meet the needs of fleet managers.

Control your vehicle fleet

Data integration

All data related to your fleet is automatically integrated into the software. GAC Car Fleet is connected to more than 180 suppliers (insurers, rental companies, oil companies, motorway companies, etc.).


Compile this data into a customized dashboard to monitor the performance of your fleet with the many indicators available in GAC Car Fleet to control and optimise your vehicle costs.

Manage your car fleet


Keep an eye on your fleet to manage it efficiently and simply. Thanks to the inventory function, you have a global view of all the vehicles in your fleet, but also of your orders, fuel cards, equipment, etc.

Vehicle control

Access the information of each vehicle to manage any action concerning them. According to the real use of the vehicles, a module will allow you to optimise the duration/distance relation by calculating the most efficient.

Vehicle pool

Do you have vehicles available for your employees? Supervise and manage all reservation requests and planning. Your employees can also make their requests from GAC Car Fleet.

Pilot your vehicle fleet

Maintenance & claims

Track and manage the maintenance operations performed on your fleet. The related expenses are directly integrated into the tool. The same goes for claims, you can create your declaration files and control the costs incurred.

Energy transition

To remain in compliance with the legislation in force, GAC Car Fleet allows you to control the CO2 emissions of your fleet and its carbon footprint, the distribution of energy and much more!

Budgeting the cost of your vehicle fleet

TCO optimisation

The TCO (Total Cost Ownership) is an essential indicator of fleet management! Per day, per month and globally, it is calculated for each vehicle as well as for your entire fleet. The cost calculation, monitoring and analysis features will allow you to optimize your TCO and thus make considerable savings.

Budget & expenses

Anticipate and control your expenses efficiently with the integrated expense and cost tracking table. Do you want to have a global view of your fleet by expense item? A reporting tool is at your disposal.

Communicate with your employees

Data export

Thanks to the export function, you can receive your data by e-mail in Excel format so that you can use them, compile them and distribute them to your superiors or colleagues. The report function allows you to generate a PDF summary of the indicators selected beforehand.

Communication campaign

Simplify the collection of information about your fleet vehicles (mileage records, license certificates, surveys, etc.) by soliciting drivers directly from the GAC Car Fleet communication campaigns feature, via email or on the MyCarFleet mobile application.

Integrated messaging

To exchange with your drivers quickly and easily, a messaging system is integrated in GAC Car Fleet. You can generate conversations with your employees on specific subjects (claims, repairs, violations, information, etc.) and keep a history.

Configure your fleet management software


Set up your software: manage rights and accounts, define your templates (e-mail, mailing lists, reports, etc.), integrate your suppliers, set up the order module and much more! Also manage the administration of the MyCarFleet mobile application: add supplier references, useful numbers, internal procedures, etc.

Catalogue management

Build your Car Policy from GAC Car Fleet. You can create different catalogues (vehicles, accessories and internal categories) specific to your company. When renewing a vehicle or integrating a new one, your employees can easily choose from the available models.

GAC Car Fleet

An indispensable daily tool

  • A unique tool to manage your fleet efficiently and easily
  • A solution adapted to all fleet sizes and all types of vehicles
  • Saves time daily thanks to the automatic integration of supplier and internal data
  • An aid for optimising your fleet costs (TCO, rolling law, etc.)
  • A guarantee to be up to date and in compliance with the regulations in force

+ 385 000

+ 8500

+ 350

+ 180 suppliers


MyCarFleet, the mobile application connected to GAC Car Fleet

The MyCarFleet mobile application is an extension of the GAC Car Fleet software. It allows the manager to stay in touch with his/her fleet. The drivers have all the information related to their vehicle directly on their Smartphone.

  • Vehicle information
  • Mileage records
  • Virtual document folder
  • State of the place
  • Vehicle reservation
  • Consultation of violations
  • Integrated messaging
  • Fuel card
  • Supplier search
  • Manager profile

The GAC quality ★★★★★


The tool is ready to be adapted to your company and your fleet. This involves setting up the technical environment, configuring the software, integration and connecting to your suppliers.

An agile organisation

The development of our solution is carried out according to the famous AGILE method. The
conception and realisation of each project is controlled according to a strict quality process.
Before each production kick-off, the development is tested to ensure its perfect functioning.

Personalised support

At the start of the project, a project manager is assigned to the configuration of the tool followed by the training session. We then have our customer services who will be happy to
answer any questions.

Active communication

Proximity with our users is essential. That is why, it is of great importance to communicate all the news about our solution as well as our actuality to you.

A complete subscription

By choosing GAC Car Fleet, you will benefit from access to all functionalities, data integration, an unlimited number of users and an update guaranteed by the publisher.

Enhanced IT security

Our tool is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We guarantee the storage of your confidential data under enhanced security.

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GAC Car Fleet means :

  • Centralization of your fleet data in a single tool
  • Efficiency and time saving daily
  • Optimisation of management and costs